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There are 2 versions of the CDML Calculator. The ShareWare (Commercial) version and the FreeWare (Personal) version. The ShareWare version offers more features and "bells and whistles", but for personal use, the FreeWare version should be more than enough. We can also customize the CDML Personal Calculator to show your company's name and logo - find a powerful advertizing tool with the Promotional Calculator.

Latest Shareware Version is 2.2
(Released on March 1, 2000)
New Features | Download

The CDML Advanced Calculator is an advanced desktop tool for every-day use. Besides the functions of a standard calculator, the CDML Advanced Calculator provides users with the following features:

A resizable Tape Display with user-selectable fonts
7 Memory Functions
14 Financial Functions
11 conversion modes
7 Intra-System conversion modes
Currency Conversions (with daily updates via the web)
Time/Date Calculations
Base Conversions
33 Scientific Functions
Special Features for Financial Professionals
Special Features for Engineers and Scientists
A Scientific Expression Evaluator
A Foot/Inch Calculator (similar to the Expression Evaluator)

There are also many Convenience Features, such as

RPN mode
Auto-Decimal mode
Adding Machine mode
User-defined Toolbar
User-defined number of Decimal Places
2 Percentage Calculation modes
Magic Number (mathematical constant) mode
Reminder Alarms
Calendar with Daily Notes
Scratch Pad (a text editor with font selection)
Billing Function
Project Timer
and many others

The conversions come in handy when dealing with various international and time standards. The financial functions make it easy to derive various payments and dividends (i.e. Mortgage, credit cards, stocks, etc.). The scientific expression evaluator helps to process advanced mathematical expressions and to print them out with the result. The tape is useful for reviewing your work.

The tape can be searched, printed, annotated or published to another program. The CDML Calculator uses minimum screen real estate. Supports Always On Top and Tray and has complete On-Line help.

Get the User Manual in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format!

Key Benefits

A perfect modern replacement for that old clunker on your desk.
Helps you manage you time and money.
Always available at a click of a mouse button.

Pricing (all prices are in US Dollars)
Price per User
Order Online (using your credit card)
CDML Advanced Calculator Single User ver. 2.x $29.95 call (718) 428-9063
fax (718) 428-9142
CDML Advanced Calculator on CD with a printed manual (price includes S & H) $37.95 in USA $38.95 in Canada $42.95 all others n/a call (718) 428-9063
fax (718) 428-9142
100+ Users CDML Advanced Calculator ver. 2.x (doesn't include S/H) $22.50 n/a call (718) 428-9063
fax (718) 428-9142
Daily Currency Rates (Advanced ver. 2.x only) $60.00/year n/a call (718) 428-9063
fax (718) 428-9142
CDML Promotional Calculator $1500 one-time fee, with unlimited distributed copies. n/a call (718) 428-9063
fax (718) 428-9142
CDML Personal Calculator FREE n/a n/a

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