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CDML is an acronym for Computers Dominate My Life. Today this statement rings true for all of us. Computers have penetrated every aspect of our lives and our businesses. To compete in today’s economy, businesses must use computers to help them be more nimble, more connected and more productive. We help our customers achieve their full IT potential.

Software & Hardware

Hardware is the foundation of the business IT infrastructure. From servers and routers to scanners and printers. We sell and implement solutions that are right for your business.

From office suites to ERP, POS and CRM solutions - we have software solutions for every business need.


CDML is a Certified Microsoft Partner. Using Microsoft software, Megapath broadband and hardware from HP, IBM, Dell, Cisco, Netgear & other reputable vendors we build extensive network infrastructure and connectivity solutions for our clients.

Consulting Services

You are the best in your own field and your customers rely on your expertise. So, why are you wasting your time trying to manage your IT?

Our forte is technology. From IT analysis to Help Desk and VoIP (voice over IP) - we provide IT solutions that help you do what you do best.

Is your computer system working for you or are you working to support your computer system?

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Protect your data with an online backup solution.

Cloud Solutions

Unrestricted access to real-time data is crucial in today's fast-paced business world. We partner with industry leaders to offer flexible, cloud-based solutions for all business needs.

1. Online Backup

2. Online File Storage

3. Email & collaboration

4. Online Accounting